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Michael Mikvik

Daniel Birmingham LSPD Application 9/16/19

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Real Life Portion

Please answer these questions based on your real life, not your character.

  1. Name: Daniel . L
  2. Date of Birth: 1990-05-15
  3. Gender: male
  4. Discord Name: Michael Mikvik#1443
  5. What country are you from? United States EST Timezone
  6.  Do you have a working microphone? yes
  7. Do you own a legal copy of GTA V? yes
  8. How did you find out about WLRP? fivem forum
  9.  Do you have law enforcement experience? (FiveM or Real Life):fivem and irl
  11. Have you ever been to any other FiveM communities? (If so, please list them): Yes, Maryland State RP. ( Ive played servers but this is the only one I legitimately dedicated myself too.
  12. Steam Profile: https://steamcommunity.com/id/12345678yourirate/

Wicked Life RP Character Life Portion

Please answer these questions as your in-game character persona.

  1. Name : Daniel Birmingham
  2. Date of Birth: 10/7/2003
  3. Gender: Male
  4. Current Occupation? Security For Vanilla Unicorn
  5. Ever been convicted of a felony? If so, what? no
  6. Tell us a little about yourself. (Provide a detailed backstory for your character, 5 Sentence Minimum) As a kid played basketball on the block and was on the basketball team in High School. Everything was going right for me until his house was robbed. In the robbery his father was shot and left paralyzed. Ever since the night he know he had to do something to prevent this to happening from other people. He takes interest in law and has a bachelors degree in Criminal Justice. He likes to formally present himself and protect innocent people now and hopes to start a career in Law Enforcement.
  7. What makes you want to join the LSPD? (5 Sentence MinimumLike said before my inspiration was to keep criminals off the street. He wants to serve right to his father too, just to show him how much he cares about him. I want to make a change in our community for the good. I have my degree in Criminal Justice that I would like to put to use. And I would generally like to join the LEO community and make some friends potentially and work with a team.
  8. Do you have any skills that can be useful to this department? I have experience in using a gun with my security job.


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