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Ryan Hansen

Ryan Hansen - EMS - 09/02/19

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1 Personal Information

• RP Name: Ryan Hanson
• Discord Name:  ileekV4#4823
• Steam Account (Link):  https://steamcommunity.com/id/UltimaGamingV2/

• DoB (YYYY or AGE): 04/11/1990
• Time Zone: Central Standard Time (Wisconsin)


2 Application Information

• Why do you want to join the SAFD? (min. 50 words)
Because i would like to help others at the cost of my own life. I want to help the citizens of Los Santos as well. And who wouldn't want to drive a Firetruck or Ambulance?
Answer here• Roughly how many hours per week can you dedicate to being on duty?
More than 20 easy

• Do you have any prior EMS experience in another city?



3 Scenes

• A person has fallen and broken his leg, how do you proceed? (write exactly how you would roleplay it, min. 50 words) :
-First ask the person if they were otherwise okay, or if they felt they were going to pass out, then i would proceed to keep them calm while i looked over their injuries. Then i would apply medical care or transport if needed.


• A person calls EMS and you arrive on scene, there's another person there but not injured and he's
acting violent, how do you proceed? (write exactly how you would roleplay it, min. 50 words) :
I would stay in my vehicle and dial 911, Then I would keep a reasonable distance from the man, and try to de-esculate the situation.


• A person has been in a vehicle accident and complains about neckpain, how do you proceed? 
(write exactly how you would roleplay it, min. 50 words) :
I would observe any other injuries the driver may have, if the driver says its a mild neck pain i would look into it in RP, if they complained about heavy neck pain i would proceed to put a neck brace on the injured person and transport them to the nearest hospital.


• A person has called EMS you pull up to the call and the first thing u see is the patient is wearing a mask what is the first thing u do before u proceed? (write exactly how you would roleplay it, min. 50 words) :
I would call the police, stay in my vehicle, and i would wait for the police to arrive to assist me in talking with/or treating the patient.


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