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Type of gang: Cartel 

Field of work: Drug Dealing, Gun Running, Grand Theft Auto., Robberies. 

Official Document: https://docs.google.com/document/d/10jlJr7UMFrrECEJmI_8eXbWAcfSdmq14ZTBXYjWN7y0/edit

Official Roster: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1EIGbmG_0ZmB42Iy5QgTaxxu2Iy2vZgTsWMlexoHLgBc/edit?usp=sharing

How we Operate: We operate in a hierarchy as a Cartel, We sell drugs, run guns and anything else that makes us money. A lot more of our history and insight into the cartel members will be found in the official document. A roster of all the current members (with backstories) can be found in official roster. 

Territory: North East / South West Los Santos , Hangout Place - La Fuente Blanca & Bahma Mama/Del Perro Pier. 

P.S- Will be having the rest of the guys add there backstories to the document, i think we have about 4-6 members that have not submitted me there backstories to add to the document. But we already have 7 members that have submitted backstories and everything so we should have enough people to start The Luck Cartel. I will update the document when they give me there backstories along with the roster.)

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