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MIke Redemption

M.Redemption - Sheriff Application - 22/08/2019

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Hint: Copy the entire format including the picture above this text and make a new topic in the "Pending" with the following title "F. Lastname - Sheriff  Application - MM/DD/YYYY"

BCSO Requirements

  1. Must have a real-life age of 16 or older. 
  2. Must have played on the server as a Civilian long enough to have substantial character development.
  3. Must have at least 6-12 hours on the server as civilian before applying.
  4. Must NOT be in a gang, NO exceptions.
  5. Must have a fairly clean admin record.
  6. Read the server rules.

Real Life Portion

Please answer these questions based on your real life, not your character.

  1. Name: Sam Boother
  2. Date of Birth: 04/05/2001
  3. Gender: Male
  4. Discord Name: Mike_Redemption (Sorry if this is wrong currently on holiday will update once home)
  5. What country are you from? England
  6.  Do you have a working microphone? Yes
  7. Do you own a legal copy of GTA V? Yes
  8. How did you find out about WLRP? I know the owner from previous Arma 3 communities 
  9.  Do you have law enforcement experience? (FiveM or Real Life): Small amount of experience with 5M and a lot of experience in Arma 3 another rp game with over 4500 hours on the game with a lot of those hours being based in law enforcement as a chief or supervisor. No real life experience
  10. Have you ever been to any other FiveM communities? (If so, please list them): Joes old server 
  11. Steam Profile: Please excuse this as im on holiday and will fill this in once home

Wicked Life RP Character Life Portion

Please answer these questions as your in-game character persona.

  1. Name : Mike Redemption
  2. Date of Birth: 04/05/1989
  3. Gender: Male
  4.  Phone Number: (On holiday again will fill once back)
  5. Current Occupation? Taxi Driver
  6. Ever been convicted of a felony? If so, what? No
  7. Tell us a little about yourself. (Provide a detailed backstory for your character, 5 Sentence Minimum) I grew up on a small farm just north of Sandy Shores, it was a family run farm that had been in the family since around 1965 and we inherited it down from my grandpa a few years back. I was working since the age of 3 feeding the livestock and by 8 I was working the crops. We never had much money so I was home schooled. It wasnt until about 11 years old that I realised that farming wasnt for me, I had often seen the sheriffs around the farm due to the rough neighbourhood and it had often fascinated me the way they had to cool cars with the lights and sirens and the guns. I realised it was my way out of the farming business but I knew my family would never let me leave the farm so one night I stole 20 dollars from my pa, packed my bags and got a cab into the city to start education to start my dream. There is a lot more to my story but to sum it up after 10 years of school and college I finally would like to start living my dream so this app is hopefully gonna give me that start.
  8. Why should we choose you over other applicants? (5 Sentence Minimum) I think u should choose me because of my vast Arma 3 cop experience. I am dedicated to do well and help grow the department, Im a good negotiator and know when force is needed. I have worked many times with Joe and we are always a good team. I work well with everyone and respect peoples opinions on the matter.
  9. What makes you want to join the BCSO? (5 Sentence Minimum) I would like to start living my dream of being a cop. I want a chance to try law enforcement on a different game as Arma has become a bit boring. I think I could be so much more than just a taxi driver and want to work hard to create new friendships and go up the ranks. I want to help civilians feel safe up north and know that crime is being handled and will not be tolerated. To meet new people and get to help make the best rp that we can.
  10. Do you have a valid San Andreas Driver Licenses? Not yet but i will have one the day im back from holiday 
  11. Do you have any skills that can be useful to this department? many hours of experience from other rp games, good experience in running training sessions and creating guidelines and managing people. 



Thanks for reading, look forward to hearing back from you.




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