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  1. Real Life Portion Please answer these questions based on your real life, not your character. Name: Daniel . L Date of Birth: 1990-05-15 Gender: male Discord Name: Michael Mikvik#1443 What country are you from? United States EST Timezone Do you have a working microphone? yes Do you own a legal copy of GTA V? yes How did you find out about WLRP? fivem forum Do you have law enforcement experience? (FiveM or Real Life):fivem and irl Have you ever been to any other FiveM communities? (If so, please list them): Yes, Maryland State RP. ( Ive played servers but this is the only one I legitimately dedicated myself too. Steam Profile: https://steamcommunity.com/id/12345678yourirate/ Wicked Life RP Character Life Portion Please answer these questions as your in-game character persona. Name : Daniel Birmingham Date of Birth: 10/7/2003 Gender: Male Current Occupation? Security For Vanilla Unicorn Ever been convicted of a felony? If so, what? no Tell us a little about yourself. (Provide a detailed backstory for your character, 5 Sentence Minimum) As a kid played basketball on the block and was on the basketball team in High School. Everything was going right for me until his house was robbed. In the robbery his father was shot and left paralyzed. Ever since the night he know he had to do something to prevent this to happening from other people. He takes interest in law and has a bachelors degree in Criminal Justice. He likes to formally present himself and protect innocent people now and hopes to start a career in Law Enforcement. What makes you want to join the LSPD? (5 Sentence Minimum) Like said before my inspiration was to keep criminals off the street. He wants to serve right to his father too, just to show him how much he cares about him. I want to make a change in our community for the good. I have my degree in Criminal Justice that I would like to put to use. And I would generally like to join the LEO community and make some friends potentially and work with a team. Do you have any skills that can be useful to this department? I have experience in using a gun with my security job.
  2. The DeMikvik Family Type of gang: Crime Family Field of work: The DeMikvik Family runs the Ecstasy drug racket and runs it through the North Los Santos district. They start out people with Chop Shop teaching them how to chop and then taking 10% of their income in return of laundering the money. Then once the new members would gain trust they would get drug locations and the Money Laundering locations from the higher up Mafia members such as Capo+, And the new members would do burglaries with a Capo's crew. Official Roster: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1hiKgHvXIShqoGdC_G4l4YPZTBO9Lk95nqk-WZlzWRrs/edit?usp=sharin Backstory: In 1989 Michael Mikvik and his brother Daniel Mikvik were Associates in the DeCavalcante living in Newark New Jersey, But they knew they could become more. The Don of the DeCavalcante Family Simon DeCavalcante was someone they looked up too but simply did not believe he had the ear of the troops. In which he did not and was not satisfied with the leadership. So they went and booked a flight to Los Santos leaving their life behind in New Jersey. And that is when it all started. The DeMikvik Family is what Michael Mikvik said it would be. Representing their past in the DeCavalcante they decided one Supreme Leader would lead the whole entire Gang. They got into the chop shop and picked up a little bit of scratch until they knew more was to come to them. The first three members were Michael Mikvik,Daniel Mikvik, And Corey Smith. And with great leadership comes mistakes as Corey Smith was not subordinate and would cause problems with other gangs and attract too much attention to the business it was the Don's decision to get rid of him. This would truly template the further management style of which the Gang was ran by not having impulse acting members. They choose quality over quantity, And would go on to having relations with the Lost MC which was a faulty relationship that would always hope they could fix. They would figure out the spots to the Ecstasy Drug Racket and would make 10 times the amount they were making off of Grand Theft Auto and Burglaries. They recruit low life criminals and flip them to masterminds and would truly pave the way for new people to crime and would help out people who are low and bring them high along with themselves. They will still go on to this day to further help people and try their hardest to make money. Leader: Michael Mikvik#1443 In-game name Michael Mikvik How we operate: We operate in a fully Coordinated operating procedure as a gang, Multiple crews are ran by Caporegimes and each crew makes money through different sources. Territory: North Los Santos, Hangout Place - Te-Qui-La-La
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