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  1. Accepted! DM me on Discord or find me in-game with OOC whenever you can - Ash
  2. Ash

    Madrazo/Luck Cartel

    Pending until more effort is put forth into application
  3. Pending until more effort was put into it
  4. Ash


  5. Pending DM me on Discord exactly what you want to do with this "Family". By the sounds of it, its related to a gang. Once you DM me, we will talk about it. Ⱥshley#7127
  6. Denied! Lack of effort, never seen you in game.
  7. Denied Poor effort, no 7 (Tell us about yourself) looks copied and pasted. Whether or not it is, it is more about how you are already a cop. At this time, we are very low on cops and I haven't seen you active. If you wish to to re-apply you may, and show yourself as active on the server. If you have any questions you can DM me on Discord.
  8. Denied Please put more effort into your application, you are also missing your steam profile link. Since I do know you and have crossed paths with you, you can re-apply whenever. Just so you know, becoming a mechanic can affect you owning the Unicorn Club. You can DM on Discord for questions regarding how it could affect you.
  9. Accepted! Please contact me either in game via /report or DM me on Discord to get you trained and ready to hit the streets! Ⱥshley#7127
  10. If you can get enough players into your gang who play normally, I will create you a discord tag to your own rooms in the main discord! 😄
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